Drew Maillard


Solo Exhibitions:

April 2012                       Living in Interesting Times – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

July-August 2006         Gutter Slime Mutates!  Seeks Revenge... – Art Show Gallery,  Danbury, CT

February 2001               Who Arted?  The Pourhouse – Williamsburg, NY

August 2000                 More Miserable Crap – Art Land Bar, Williamsburg, NY


Group Exhibitions

June 2015                      Addicted to Method – Gesamtkunst Werkshop, Brooklyn NY.

January 2015                 16th WAH Salon Art Club Show – Williamsburg Arts and Historical Society, Brooklyn NY.

December 2014             MF TOYS SHOW – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

November 2014             MF Gallery's 12th annual Halloween art show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

May 2014                       ALL HAIL GWAR ! Dave Brockie Memorial Art Show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

February 2014               This Red Door, with TRD Family and Friends – Kunsthalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY

February 2014               15th WAH Salon Art Club Show – Williamsburg Arts and Historical Society, Brooklyn NY.

February 2014               … be my … VALENTINE – Violaboxart Gallery in conjunction with MF gallery, Genoa, Italy

February 2014               THE DIRTY SHOW 15 - Russell Industrial Center, Detroit MI.

January 2014                 This Particular Patch: Curated by Lucas Bucholtz – The Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY

November 2013             2013 MF Toys Show! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

October 2013                 11th Annual Halloween Show! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

June 2013                       MF Gallery's 10th Anniversary Extravaganza! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

January 2013                  Phelias: Loved to Death – Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

January 2013                  14th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show – Williamsburg Arts and Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY

December 2012              MF Gallery Annual Toy Show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

November 2012              Grand Harvest Festival! – Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY

October 2012                 Carnival of Terror! - Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

October 2012                 MF Gallery's 10th Annual Halloween Art Show! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

July 2012                        Art Fundraiser for Pit Bulls (proceeds to Animal Farm Foundation) - Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

June 2012                      Villains & Superheroes! — Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

May 2012                       See You in Hell 2 – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

February 2012               My Fetish Valentine – Art and Soul Studios, Allentown, PA

February 2012               Immaculate - Reflections of Mary, Curated by Shannon Daugherty & Kirsten Flaherty – MF Gallery , Brooklyn , NY.

January 2012                 PRINT THIS! – MF Gallery, Genoa, Italy

December 2011             MF Galleries Annual Toy Show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

November 2011             Illustrious – Guerrilla Galleries, Newark, NJ

October 2011                 MF Gallery's Ninth Annual Halloween Art Show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

July 2011                        Stranamore – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

May 2011                        B-HORROR! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

March 2011                     40oz Show – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

February 2011                Magic Fucking Kingdom!  MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

January 2011                  Hatching: crossing the line, Guerilla Galleries, Newark, NJ

November 2010            MF Galleries Annual Toy Show – Brooklyn, NY

October 2010                NIGHT of TERROR, sponsored by Fangoria Magazine – G2, NYC,  NY

October 2010                MF Galleries 8th Annual Halloween Art Show – MF Gallery Genoa, Genoa, Italy

July 2010                       Zombies Attack Brooklyn! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

July 2010                       Summer Blast! Group Exhibition – G2, NYC, NY

May 2010                      I need your Skull! – MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

April 2009                    Grand Opening – G2, NYC, NY

October 2009               Return of the Living Decks: Horror Skateboard Art Show, sponsored by Fangoria – Magazine, Avenue A, NYC, NY

October 2009               Tattoo – MF Gallery Genoa, Genoa, Italy

August 2009                 Kings of Pop – Avenue A, NYC, NY

June 2009                     MF Gallery Show – Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

February 2009              Delineations – Ad Hoc Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

January 2009               Grand Inaugural Exhibition – MF Gallery Genoa, Genoa, Italy

September 2009          Paradise Lost; Celebrating John Miltons's 400th Birthday – Williamsburg Arts and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

September 2008          MF Gallery's 6th Annual Halloween Show – MF Gallery, NYC, NY

September 2008          Art At Large Juried Competition Show, Pet Saliva juror – Cry Baby Gallery, Asbury Park , NJ

June 2008                    PAINT IT! – MF Gallery, NYC, NY

April 2008                     Zombies Attack Again! – MF Gallery, NYC, NY

February 2008             22nd International Juried Exhibition, Carter E. Foster juror, – Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

January 2008               Sci-Fi Art Show, MF Gallery, NYC, NY

November 2007           A New Spirit of Progress, with Art for Progress Artists Group –World Culture Open Gallery, NYC, NY

October 2007               The Stitch Project – Shangri-la Studios, Brooklyn, NY

April 2007                      MF Creepy Carnival Extravaganza! – MF Gallery, NYC, NY

April 2007                      Zombies Attack II – MF Gallery. NYC, NY

February 2007              Don’t Say M FMother Fucker – MF Gallery. NYC, NY

December 2006           Blank Canvas,Benefit for Arts Sake Fundraiser – Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

November 2006            I Love Living in the City – Art Show Gallery, Danbury, CT

February 2006              20th International Juried Show – Visual Arts Center of New Jersey,  Summit, NJ

January 2006                Zombies Attack – MF Gallery, NYC, NY

January 2005                Inspiration – Deep Listening Space,  Kingston, NY

October 2005               New Work by Johnny Bruno and Drew Maillard – The Wreck Room,  Brooklyn, NY

September 2004          Second Annual Halloween Show – MF Gallery,  NYC, NY

June 2004                     Freak Show – MF Gallery,  NYC, NY

May 2004                      Masters of Anonymous.  Arlene’s Grocery, NYC, NY

September 2003          Brave Destiny: International Surrealist Exhibition - Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Williamsburg, NY

July 2003                       Decadence: Erotic Art Exhibition, Curated by John John Jesse with The Antagonist Art Movement – Niagara,  NYC, NY

November 2002            Even Heroes Need A Smoke – The Pourhouse,  Brooklyn, NY

October 2002                Would you like…?  With the Antagonist Art Movement – Niagara, NYC, NY

May 2002                      That’s Art Folks – Gallery 2/20,  NYC, NY

February 2002              Meat Annex: The Public Responds To Meat And Mark Ryden – CA State University Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center,  Santa Ana, CA

January 2002                 Media Merge Maximum Urge – CBGB Gallery, NYC, NY

November 2001             I’m Angry With You Because You Won’t Fulfill My Unreasonable Expectations – The Pourhouse,  Brooklyn, NY

August 2001                   Closing Exhibition – Subculture Gallery, NYC, NY

June 2001                      Group Exhibition – Subculture Gallery, NYC NY

April 2001                       9 Year Anniversary Exhibition – Subculture Gallery, NYC, NY

October 1999                 Psi VII; Some Art By Seven People – 2/20 Gallery, NYC, NY

May 1999                        Your Logo Here: Surreal Art By Local Youth –  Deep Listening Space,  Kingston, NY

April 1996                        SVA Annual Student Anatomy Art Show – School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY


Curatorial Projects

November 2006            I Love Living in the City — Art Show Gallery, Danbury, CT

November 2001             I’m Angry With you Because You Won’t Fulfill My Unreasonable Expectations – The Pourhouse, Brooklyn, NY


 Awards and Honors:

November 2012              The 16th Anniversary Grand Harvest Curator's Choice Award – Williamsburg Art and Historical Society Grand Harvest Exhibition

January 2008                  Artist of the Month – Art for Progress, internet                                                                             

March 2006                     Best Watercolor, “The Man, The Myth, The Lunchbox”. Patterson Sims, juror – 20th International Juried Show, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

November 2001              Honorable Mention, “Meat,” Mark Ryden, juror – Juxtapoz Magazine

May 1999                          SVA Juried Portfolio 20.


Group Affiliations:

January 2013-present     Williamsburg Arts and Historical Society Salon Art Club

April 2008-present         Drawing and printmaking instructor at Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

2006 - 2008                    Art for Progress

April-November 2001     Subculture Artist Group



June 1999                       Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  School of Visual Art,  NYC, NY

1992                                Kingston High School.  Kingston, NY – Class of 1992.