I use layers of chicken scratch cross-hatching over watercolor to make formal, nearly static compositions, evoking the oppressive itchiness of a strait jacket.  I combine iconic and absurd images pulled and mashed together from different periods and sides of the tracks to create ironic and satirical compositions; to explain as much as I can the paranoia, fear, pain, loneliness, dizziness, humor and outrage that is the televised, bought, sold, marketed, homogenized, prepackaged, and prefab auto pile up that is American culture - a sensation not unlike being an ant, under God’s magnifying glass, waiting to get burned.  With the proliferation of media, and genres, the lines between commercial and “fine” art have become almost negligible -the only real difference being who absorbs it.  The works true validation lies in its intent, making deliberate choices with regards to the work. 


You can’t sell out if you’re buying in, right?




Aaron Tompkins

Veronika Rabinovich

Joe Simko

Joanna Mulder

Alessandra Norman




This Red Door



MF Gallery

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

Gesamtkunst Werkshop